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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Window Tint Doesn’t Have To Be Dark

Many people assume that window tint must be dark in order to filter out the sun’s harmful rays. The good news is, you don’t have to change your window’s look or style to get the protection you need. Like an invisible sunscreen, you can get the benefits of protection, without compromising appearance! The Incentive Behind Invisible Protection Contrary to popular…

Deter Burglars With Security Window Film

Apart from a home security system, what else can homeowners do to prevent break-ins?  Although alarm systems can notify you that a burglar is entering your home, it won’t always deter or prevent burglars or break-ins. Unlike tinted security window film, alarm systems won’t prevent anyone from peeping inside your home, nor will it prevent the window from being smashed….

Energy Producing Window Tint Technology

As a society, we are becoming increasingly worried about the depletion of our natural resources, which has led us to find innovative and simple ways to incorporate renewable, energy producing products into our homes. Solar energy is one of the most popular ways to have our homes generate electricity, but not all of us can convert to solar panels. Luckily,…

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