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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Top Reasons To Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows

You may think that window tinting is reserved for the young at heart or government officials, but window tinting can be beneficial to every car owner – irrespective of age and job title. Tinting a vehicle’s windows goes beyond just aesthetic appeal. Tinted windows could drastically improve your driving experience and can even benefit your health. Here we take a…

How To Make Your Window Film Last Longer

The installation of your new window film is over, and your home, office or mode of transport is now sporting a fashionably new and practical window tint. Apart from contributing to a great stylish look, it also helps keep interior spaces cooler and prevents the deterioration of materials from harmful UV radiation. It can even help you save on your…

How Window Film Helps Calm Reactive Dogs

Relentless, loud barking ricochets through-out your home as you watch the mail carriers van pull up outside. But this doesn’t just occur when the mail van, or UPS truck pulls up, they bark at the children cycling past your lawn after school. Do you ever wonder why man’s best friend is barking, jumping and clawing at everyone and everything that…

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