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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Window Tint Terminology You Need To Know

Finding the ideal window film solution to your tinting needs takes careful planning. The tinting industry offers a range of products that extend well beyond automotive care. The larger the project, (from homes to commercial buildings) the more crucial it is to familiarize yourself with important terminology. Know what tinting experts are saying by learning these essential window tint terms….

How Clear Is Smart Window Film?

Smart window film is one of the coolest products to hit the market in years, revolutionizing how we use our businesses and home spaces in technological capacities. It’s a handy feature when you need some privacy, and can convert a room or home depending on the time of day and what you require at any given time, with the ease…

Make Sure Window Tint Is Part Of Your Interior Design Plan

We know that window film isn’t the first thing you think about when planning interior design. But did you know that there are perks to having window tint? Most people would be shocked to discover that window film is commonly used in commercial and residential buildings. Tint allows for increased privacy and comfort indoors. Not only that but it also…

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