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15th Mar
Window Tint Technology

Energy Producing Window Tint Technology

As a society, we are becoming increasingly worried about the depletion of our natural resources, which has led us to find innovative and simple ways to incorporate renewable, energy producing products into our homes. Solar energy is one of the most popular ways to have our homes generate electricity, but not all of us can convert to solar panels. Luckily,…

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22nd Feb
Benefits Of Window Film

Health Benefits Of Window Film

What are the health benefits of window film, apart from skin protection? How does it protect the skin anyway? Window film has multiple benefits when it comes to health protection, with its main feature being the ability to shield us from the sun. How Does The Sun Cause Damage? Window film blocks out almost 100% of the sun’s harmful rays,…

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8th Feb
Professional Car Tinting

Professional Car Tinting Comes to You

Professional car tinting can give your vehicle not only an added aesthetic appeal, but it can also act as a protective layer for your vehicle’s interior – which includes the fabric of your seats as well as you and your family. There are plenty of window tinting company’s but choosing the wrong company to tint your windows can leave you…

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25th Jan

Best Window Tint For UV Protection

When living in the sunshine state (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) having fun in the sun is simply part of life, but you need to make sure that you take care of your skin at all times. Being outdoors or playing at the beach is not the only way for your skin to be exposed to…

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18th Jan
Benefits of Window Film

The Top 5 Benefits of Window Film

Worrying about your belongings at home? Tired of paying a huge energy bill? Is the furniture in your house not what it used to be? There are huge benefits of window film for both your house as well as your car. As a company with over thirty years’ experience in the window tinting industry, we’ve seen all the problems and…

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11th Jan
Measure Your Windows For Window Film

How To Measure Your Windows For Window Film

In our sunny Florida climate, more and more customers are requesting window film for their homes and boat. Have you always wanted window film but have been put off by the cost? Doctor Window Tint have now made it easier for you to afford window film by giving you a 10% discount on any quote of $500 or more, if…

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21st Dec
Office Window Tint

Adding Privacy With Office Window Tint

Office window tinting has many benefits for your business and your employees – these benefits include heat reduction, glare reduction, as well as adding an elegant decorative touch to your offices. Office privacy should not necessarily be referred to as a benefit but rather a necessity. The beauty of commercial window tinting is that it can be done both for…

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23rd Nov
Smart Window Film

Smart Window Film: An Incredible New Innovation

Technological advances have improved every aspect of our everyday lives. Virtually everything can be controlled through your smart phone or a button and your window tinting can be too. Smart window film is the latest innovation in window tinting that allows for privacy and flexibility with ease. The film is applied to a window that has an electric current and…

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7th Sep
Residential Window Tinting

The History Of Residential Window Tinting in Florida

Those of us who have residential window tinting are able to enjoy the variety of benefits that it offers. However, the history of window tinting and why it became more common place in Florida is something that not many know about. At one point there was a significant increase in demand for power supply during the summer, this demand lead…

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3rd Aug
Quality window tinting

Quality Window Tinting With Sputtered Film

There are lots of great benefits when getting your windows tinted. Whether you need window tinting for your home, your car, at your work place, or even your boat; quality window tinting really makes a big difference. In this article, we want to tell you about one of the most advanced window tinting technique to date, known as sputtered film….

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