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Category: Safety

The Uses & Benefits Of Quality Security Window Film

Windows are wonderful for keeping the weather out, letting light in, and allowing one a view of the outside. But windows are also the most vulnerable part of a building. They are easy to break and leave a large hole behind that makes it easy for unwanted elements to get inside, like criminals or bad weather. Here’s how using high-quality…

Not All Security Window Film Is Created Equal

If you are taking the effort and time to install special security window film on your property, the cheapest and best option is to have it done professionally the first time. Security film makes glass windows stronger and harder to penetrate, and prevents them from shattering when facing strong impact. Unfortunately, not all window films are created equal. To be…

Deter Burglars With Security Window Film

Apart from a home security system, what else can homeowners do to prevent break-ins?  Although alarm systems can notify you that a burglar is entering your home, it won’t always deter or prevent burglars or break-ins. Unlike tinted security window film, alarm systems won’t prevent anyone from peeping inside your home, nor will it prevent the window from being smashed….

The Early History of Security Window Film and Dr Window Tint

Through the development of security window film, protection was a high driving force. It was this force that inspired the creation of Doctor Window Tint on many levels. Who can blame us? Because isn’t it a wonder how such a thin film could mean the difference between life and death? Don’t believe us? Let us explain… For many people the…

Burglars Beware With Home Window Tinting

Your home is your sanctuary, it is your personal safe space from the outside world, and having your personal safe space invaded is an unsettling thought. Regardless of whether or not the home invader or would-be burglar was caught, you’re often left feeling uneasy for a long time. Burglars are able to enter your home via your windows, especially if…

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