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Decorative Window Film Can Turn Windows Into Art Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Decorating any space on a budget can be a challenge that even the most accomplished designers struggle to overcome. People often think that painting walls or buying new furniture is the only solution to giving space a needed facelift, but decorative window film can change the look and feel of any room too, while still serving a practical and aesthetic purpose. Here we look at the benefits of using decorative window film and how it can turn your home or business into a work of art.

Why Use Decorative Window Film?

Your home and office space represent you in many ways. When opening your home to others or welcoming potential clients, the appearance of your space can be the first impression someone has of you. First impressions go a long way and putting your best foot forward is essential. Your windows are one of the first things people will notice as it frames your home or business. Using decorative window film is an ideal solution – it’s a great investment and serves a number of purposes.

The benefits of using decorative window film include:

  1. Versatility

    Window film comes in a range of colors, design and textures. The wide range allows for versatility and lets you find the design that meets your home or business needs. The film can be installed and removed without causing any damage to your windows.

  2. Cost Efficient

    Installing decorative window film can actually save you money. The film can act as a shield to block UV rays, keeping the sun out and your home or office. Window film can reduce your cooling costs up to 50% making this a very cost-effective upgrade.

  3. Protection

    Window film can help you protect your family and your furniture at the same time. The film blocks out harmful UV Rays and as a result creates a safer environment for the people within your walls and protects your flooring and furniture from fading. Security window film can also be shatter-proof, providing extra protection for the things and people you value.

  4. Durability

    Decorative window film is a great way to save money in the long run. The film can be cleaned easily and with proper care, can last up to 25 years, making window film a great investment.

Window Film Options

Turning your windows into art is possible with window film – the options available will depend on the size of windows, your design needs and budget. With these in mind, your decorative film options can be endless – here are a few to consider:

  1. Mosaic Window Art

    Mosaic window art is made up of different colors constructed in various patterns to create a beautiful mosaic work of art. When the sunlight reaches the tint, it creates different hues of color and transforms a space’s feel immediately. It is a good choice for any space that you would like to be vibrant and have stand out.

  2. Color Tinting

    Changing the color of your windows not only reduces the UV Rays, but can also change the external and internal appearance of your space. Decorative window film come in many shades and colors – some are solid colors while others are a combination of patterns and shades that can be applied to your windows. Color window tinting can be used indoors too and can act as a way to define different spaces in your home or office.

  3. Opaque Tinting

    Many offices are opting for open plan spaces. Opaque window tinting can provide privacy for different offices and can be used to define spaces too. In your home, it can be used on a glass stairwell or on sliding doors to prevent accidental injury. Opaque tinting can be both professional looking and homely, this allows you to choose an opaque tint design that suits your needs.

Finding a decorative film that is appropriate for your home or business can be challenging, because of all the options available to you. At Doctor Widow Tint, our expert team can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today for all your window tinting needs.

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