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Does Saltwater Affect Your Marine Tint? Marine Window Tinting

Marine Tint

You have decided to tint your boat windows, but now you have questions like, “Which mobile marine tint service should I use?” Or, “What is the best tint and does salt water affect your marine window tint?”

Marine tinting is a film that is applied to the windows of your boat. It can help you to manage your boat in various ways, some related to sailing and some to the people inside! There are far more positives to having a marine tint than there are negatives.

A film tint for your boat’s windows is usually installed from the inside of the boat. Installation is done on the inside to protect it from weathering outside, water, and salt.
Marine Window tinting was created for multiple purposes:

Your Boat Becomes Cooler

During the day, the Sun’s rays can penetrate the boat which causes the boat to become hotter. By tinting your windows, you allow the tinted parts to be cooler.

Marine tint also plays a role in the energy-efficiency of your boat. By making your boat cooler, there is less energy spent keeping the temperature of your boat down.

Glare Reduction

When you’re out on a boat during the day, there is often an intense glare from the ocean which makes it difficult to navigate or look at the scenery. Applying window tint allows for the glare from the sun on the water to be minimized and it will allow you to enjoy your boating experience more.

Protection Of Boat And People

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are very destructive; they can cause parts of your boat to fade and crack.

UV rays aren’t only dangerous to your boat but to us as well. Extensive scientific research shows that an increase in exposure to UV rays causes an increase in skin cancer. By tinting your boat windows, you are not only protecting your boat but the people on it as well.

Large waves or ocean breezes can send saltwater airborne onto your boat’s windows.

While the water will evaporate from the surface of the window, the salt will stay behind and build-up. The build-up of salt causes your windows to appear milky and can cause damage. Not only does the build-up cause your windows to look dirty, but it also makes it difficult to see and navigate your boat.

If the windows are not cleaned regularly, the saltwater build-up can cause your window glass and window frame to weaken. This weakening of your windows and their structures allow the windows to leak when they’ve become corroded.

A damaged boat window and frame can affect your marine tint. There are multiple ways to clean your boat’s windows and prevent this salt build-up and possible damage.

It’s crucial to remember that saltwater may affect your marine tint, and there are ways to clean your window resist prevent build-up.

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