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How To Measure Your Windows For Window Film Window Film

Measure Your Windows For Window Film

In our sunny Florida climate, more and more customers are requesting window film for their homes and boat. Have you always wanted window film but have been put off by the cost? Doctor Window Tint have now made it easier for you to afford window film by giving you a 10% discount on any quote of $500 or more, if you supply the window measurements yourself. Does this sound like a daunting task? Don’t be discouraged. We have given you some practical tips below on how to measure up your own windows.

How To Measure A Straight Window

Most residential windows have straight sides that are fairly easy to measure. Always measure the inside of the window as that is where the window film will be applied.

  • Measure the width from left to right
  • Measure the length from top to bottom

Add an extra inch to each side to allow for error in cutting and installation. If you are requesting a patterned film, allow extra few inches to accommodate the pattern.

How To Measure A Round Window

Not many homes have round windows but if they do, or if you are requesting window film for your boat, it’s important to know how to accurately measure and calculate the surface area of a round window. A circle can be measured in circumference (the outer edge of the circle), diameter (the measurement across the inside, center, from edge to edge of the circle) and the radius (half the diameter). The simple formula to calculate the surface area of a round window is A=πr2. (π=3.14)

How To Measure A Curved Window

Curved windows are usually found on boats and motor vehicles. They are very difficult to measure and unless you have experience in measuring curved windows, we recommend that you allow one of our window tint consultants at Doctor Window Tint to do so for you.

Practical Tips To Remember When Measuring Windows For Window Film

If you are going to be supplying us the measurements for your window film, it’s very important that they are accurate. Here are some practical tips to help you get the most accurate measurements:

  • Check all windows carefully for any cracks or defects and get them replaced. Applying window film to a damaged window could cause the crack to lengthen as the window contracts and expands.

  • Remember to measure the inside of the window, glass only, as that is where the film is applied. Do not include the window frame in the measurement.

  • Use a long, preferably flexible, tape measure. Don’t try and measure with a ruler or a tape measure that is too short as your measurement may be inaccurate.

  • Get someone to help you, especially if the windows are large. You are bound to make a mistake if you attempt to measure a large area alone.

  • Double check all your measurements and calculations before submitting them.

  • Write all the measurements in a notebook, not loose pieces of paper that can get lost. Label each drawing carefully so you are absolutely clear as to the window you are referring to and ensure you write neatly so the measurements are not misinterpreted.

Are you tired of faded furniture and floors, having nosy people peering in through your windows invading your privacy and the constant glare of the sun indoors? At Doctor Window Tint we have stood by our motto “Let us take care of your panes” since 1980. Contact us so that we can, at no cost, come to you, fully explain the benefits of window tinting and tell you about the various options that are available. Once you have sent the required window measurements, you should receive your free estimate within 12 working hours. On acceptance of the quote, we cut and send the window tint, with an approved window film installer, to complete the installation process. As an added benefit, we also accept Bitcoin as payment – contact us directly to discuss. Window tinting finally made affordable by Doctor Window Tint.

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