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How Window Film Helps Calm Reactive Dogs Residential Window Tinting, Window Film

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Relentless, loud barking ricochets through-out your home as you watch the mail carriers van pull up outside. But this doesn’t just occur when the mail van, or UPS truck pulls up, they bark at the children cycling past your lawn after school. Do you ever wonder why man’s best friend is barking, jumping and clawing at everyone and everything that goes past your window? Do you wish you had peace and quiet in the house?

There is a highly effective way to calm your dogs down, and surprisingly, its window film. Most of the time, your dogs will bark at external moving objects out of fear, not hostility. Strangers can make them nervous. They may create a ruckus because they feel threatened and want to scare the potential invader away – they are also convinced they are doing a good job, as the mail carrier, cyclists, joggers and other animals are always deterred by your pets barking and they don’t ever seem to enter the house. If your pup rides around in the car with you as you run errands, you may notice the same aggression towards pedestrians. Don’t worry, it works in cars as well!

It may seem like your pup is just playing around, enjoying some worldly interaction where in fact they could be very anxious. Installing window film won’t just benefit your pet by removing their source of fear. Think of how it will benefit you and your family – no more restless nights or having your sleep disturbed, no more early morning headaches at the sound you hear without fail every day of the week. No one likes to hear their dog barking at nothing all day, no matter how cute they are!

The neighbor may also thank you for installing window film. There’s nothing more alarming on an early morning walk than a seemingly vicious dog barking from within your neighbors’ house, and even if they’re the sweetest pup in the world, it may make your home feel uninviting to guests and strangers alike.

How Does It Work?

Our highly professional team will install a stylish, opaque film that will simply block the view of your pet, preventing them from seeing anything outside that will panic them. The visual barrier removes any confusing external stimuli from their line of sight, leaving them relaxed – the classic saying seems to hold truth: out of sight, out of mind! The film removes the fear factor, ensuring your home and neighborhood remains tranquil, inviting and non-threatening.

Will I Still Be Able To See?

Don’t be alarmed! The window film will still let natural light in, even though your dog can’t see out. The film also doesn’t have to cover the entire window – you can leave space above their field of vision if you prefer.

This home improvement idea won’t break the bank but will encourage a happier household and neighborhood – and it can add curb appeal to your home. There are so many design options to choose from when it comes to window film that you are bound to find one that will look stunning. Our team at Doctor Window Tint will provide professional advice and a top-quality finish. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have on your journey to peace and quiet.

Your pets and neighbors, as well as your own piece of mind is important to us. Give yourself the comfort of knowing that your furry friends will be calm and happy when your away to work every morning. Give your family the peace and quiet they deserve by calming down your reactive dogs. Everyone will thank you later!

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