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Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tint blocks out more infrared and UV rays than any other window tint technology currently available. Because of the ceramic-based nano-particles, this tint also allows less heat into your home, office, boat, or vehicle while also increasing the durability of any window.

What Is It?

ceramic window tintCeramic window tint was first developed to block ultraviolet (UV) rays and heat on space shuttles. Its ability to block out infrared radiation by 91%, hinder UV rays by 99%, and reduce heat caused by the sun by 70% led to it being developed into a similar tint for public use.

Solar Control®’s Ceramic line is very similar to that created for space shuttles as it cancels up to 90% of infrared rays, blocks 99% of UV rays, and prevents 73% of the heat coming through windows. The small ceramic-based nano-particles are more durable and protective than other films and make windows shatter-resistant. Our ceramic window tint technology can be expertly installed by our Doctor Window Tint technicians in your home, office, boat, or vehicle!

Benefits Of Ceramic Window Tint

The preventive benefits for everyday use are obvious, but the technology offers several unique advantages depending on what it is applied to.

  • Residential: Beautiful, natural light can make any house a home, but it can also negatively affect your floors and furniture. Benefits of window tinting your home include:
    • Reduce energy bills.
    • Prevent furniture from fading.
    • Protect wood floors and carpet.
    • Raise curb appeal by creating uniformed look.
    • Increase home security.
  • Commercial: Sunlight has been proven to increase morale within the workplace, but it can also cause problem. Applying ceramic tint to offices can:
    • Prevent computer screen glare.
    • Improve office temperature.
    • Thwart overheating machines.
    • Increase commercial privacy.
    • Maximize electronic efficiency.
  • Boats: Being out on the open water and enjoying the sun is one of the greatest draws of having a boat, but a tint less boat can make taking it out less desirable. Boats benefit from ceramic tint as it can:
    • Increase visibility for the captain.
    • Maintain resale value.
    • Maximize passenger comfort.
    • Increase privacy.
    • Protect the interior and dashboard.
  • Automotive: Installing ceramic window tint provides many of the same benefits of tint on boats, but people usually spend more time in their vehicles than their boats. Tinting your car windows can:
    • Prevent distracted driving.
    • Protect against sunburn and UV exposure.
    • Keep vehicle cooler.
    • Improve gas mileage.
    • Decrease chance of window shatter.

No matter your tinting needs, as the exclusive installers of Solar Control Brand Window Tinting Film, Doctor Window Tint will come to you to take care of your panes and deliver high-quality, durable ceramic window tint backed by our lifetime guarantee! Call us today at (305)-827-8468.

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