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Security Window Film

Solar Control® is a premier installer and distributor of security window film that will protect your residential or commercial space from break-ins, theft and powerful storms such as hurricanes and tornados. Aside from giving your residential or commercial space protection from the sun and harmful rays, it will add a layer of protection against both forced entry and the forces of nature.

Our line of security window film will give your family and/or employees the added protection and peace of mind that they’re looking for. In the event of flying debris from a storm or a break-in attempt, Solar Control’s Security line will not break apart like standard glass windows. Instead, it will remain pieced together, preventing injury and further damage. Because the glass remains “glued” to the film, it adds another layer of protection against would-be thieves and reinforces your home against storm damage.

What can Solar Control®’s Security line offer me?

  • Protection with a clear view
  • Deter burglars and vandalism
  • Protection from injury resulting from broken glass
  • 24 hour protection
  • Solar and UV ray filtering
  • More comfortable environment and lower energy bills


Success Stories

Colombia Car Bomb

In the late 1980′s the US government contracted Solar Control® to install it’s protection system on all the windows of the government buildings in Colombia South America. This was to help the country’s fight against drug lords.

Shortly after the installation on a particular one story building in downtown Bogota, the value of their investment was made clear. A car bomb exploded just outside on the street. All the windows in the building were blown out but all of the glass stayed in place and together in the frames. Because of the recently installed system no one in the building died. Only one lady had to go to the hospital due to being hit by an entire window assembly.

The building behind the one protected by Solar Control® unfortunately became a device of destruction. Thrashing glass throughout the entire building resulted in the deaths of many.

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