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Success Stories

Security System Controls Raging Fire!

After completing the installation on the entire 10th floor of a glass skyscraper, the building looked like a big finger with a silver ring on it. The building management association was having a conflict with the 10th floor tenant. about how odd the building looked. The 10th floor tenants were very happy because of the comfortable temperature the new heat reduction system provided.

The disagreement dragged out for months during which time a fire broke out in the basement level. There was no sprinkler system on this old building, the fire burned the building all the way to the 10th floor where it stopped because of the system installed on the windows. The glass broke but stayed in place  keeping the oxygen from entering and feeding the fire. With no oxygen the fire was smothered.

System Saves Life and Prevents Publix Robbery!

In the year following Hurricane Andrew, Publix Supermarket contracted the installation of our clearsteel system on many stores. Many break-in attempts were thwarted due to this decision. One specific break-in attempt was rewarded with a plaque presented to our company in appreciation for the system.

It was 12:00am, the store manager was about to unlock the door to let employees go home. Two men with long dark coats stood outside the door. They indicated to the manager that they wanted to come in, the manager refused and backed away from the door. One of the men pulled out a sawed-off shotgun from under his coat and shot the door system. When the glass stayed together instead of crashing to pieces, the two stunned men ran away.

The Facility Services manager who was extremely impressed and grateful called us in and presented the company with a plaque.  It was a great honor to have participated indirectly in the possible saving of lives.

Colombia Car Bomb

In the late 1980′s the US government contracted Solar Control to install it’s protection system on all the windows of the government buildings in Colombia South America. This was to help the country’s fight against drug lords.

Shortly after the installation on a particular one story building in downtown Bogota, the value of their investment was made clear. A car bomb exploded just outside on the street. All the windows in the building were blown out  but all of the glass stayed in place and together in the frames. Because of the recently installed system no one in the building died. Only one lady had to go to the hospital due to being hit by an entire window assembly.

The building behind the one protected by Solar Control unfortunately became a device of destruction. Thrashing glass throughout the entire building resulted in the deaths of many.

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