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1. How does it work?

Solar control window films can help reduce sun fading by blocking 99% of the UV rays. It also helps by reflecting up to 80% of the solar heat.

2. Can window film stop my furniture from fading?

Window films can reduce the fading of your furniture and floors by 75%.

3. Can window film kill my plants?

While window film has not been known to exterminate plants, it can cause a reduction in growth. This really depends on the amount of sun needed for your particular plant.

4. Is the film for my home just like the film for my car?

Yes, the film is manufactured in the same way; however automotive tinting laws restrict you to a very small variety of the films available. Generally you would use a light charcoal for the tinting of a vehicle. On homes however, you have the freedom to choose from a great selection of films.

5. Can the film be removed?

Yes. Although this is not an easy process, the film can be removed without any damage to the glass.

6. How do I clean my windows once the film is on them?

After a week of curing, you may wash your windows as you normally would. We recommend using a vinegar-based glass cleaner, but soap and water will do.

You CANNOT use any product that contains AMMONIA or other harsh chemicals. If ammonia is used, over time it will eat away at the film.

7. Can I make a one-way mirror by using window film?

Yes and no. To achieve a one-way mirror effect that you can see out of, but looks like a mirror from the other side, you must have more light on the side that will look like a mirror. There is no film that can make a one-way mirror with equal light on both sides. Our sales reps can help you in choosing the film that is right for your specific situation.

8. How long does window film last?

The life expectancy of most of our films is between 10 and 15 years. However for our metalized and ceramic films this would be closer to 12 or 20.

9. Is window film expensive?

As far as window treatments go, window film is the most cost effective treatment you can use. Window film has the added benefit of potentially paying for itself over time through a reduction in your air conditioning bill.

10. Will window film obstruct my view?

No. On the contrary window film can enhance your view, by reducing glare wile remaining transparent.

11. How do I select the best window film for me?

With over 30 years of experience, our reps will look at your situation and assist you in choosing the film that is perfect for your specific need.

12. Can I put window film on my impact windows?

Yes and no. There are only certain films that are safe to put on impact windows.

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