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21st Jul
onsite window tinting

Onsite Window Tinting For Your Vehicle

Are you looking for ways to feel safer in your vehicle? Look no further. Window tinting has proven to be a great investment and can provide you with safer driving. Doctor Window Tint offers onsite window tinting for different types of vehicles. Now you might be wondering how window tinting is your solution to feeling safer? It prevents distraction from…

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14th Jul
decorative window tint

Decorative Window Tinting Tips

Decorative window tinting adds personality to your home or office and provides privacy and design. Window film can reduce energy costs, eliminate window glare, preserve the color of your furniture and carpets and act as a shatter safety mechanism if the window were to break. More importantly, however, you can use it for decorative purposes too. The appearance of your…

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10th Jul
security window tint

How Security Window Tinting Works

Security window tint can be added to your windows in your residence, office, car or boat. It acts as a buffer against the sun, heat and reduces discoloration of your floors and furniture. Not only does it prevent damage to your home, office, vehicle or boat but it also adds protection against theft, unfavorable weather and vandalism. Security window tint…

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30th Jun
office window tinting

Keep Your Office Cooler With Window Tint

Office window tinting is an especially beneficial tool for those who work in an office or for those who own office spaces. Although glass adds to the appearance of any building, it can also have strong disadvantages in both the hot and cold seasons. Window tinting can offer your business a more comfortable working environment by managing the temperature control…

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23rd Jun
boat window tinting

Boat Window Tinting & Protection

There is no doubt that one of the simplest, most effective ways to improve the longevity of your boat is with boat window tinting. Not only will it also help to increase the safety of you and your passengers, but there are many other benefits to treating your windows with a protective film layer. What is window tinting? Window tinting…

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9th Jun
home window tinting

Storming The Weather With Home Window Tinting

Tinting your home windows is a simple but extremely effective task to do which will give you and your home long-lasting benefits. Not only do these benefits improve your daily household life, but are especially useful if you live in an area that experiences seasonal hurricanes. Home window tinting can help protect you and your family from injury during a…

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2nd Jun
security glass film

Pros and Cons of Security Glass Film

Security glass film is a polyester plastic coating that fits into your window internally or externally. The film fortifies the window and depending on the film that you choose, you may have more solar, privacy and security benefits. Here are some of the Pros of installing security glass film: Cuts Utility Costs: Security glass film can cut costs anywhere from…

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19th May

Why Does My Boat Need Window Tint Laminate?

If you have a boat, you may want to consider tinting your windows. The ocean is a tough environment for all boats because of the salt and constant exposure to the beating sun. Benefits of Applying Window Tint to your Boat You will gain more privacy. Tinted windows will give you more privacy – this is especially important if you…

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5th May
auto window tint

Dangers of DIY Window Tinting

There are plenty of reasons to tint the windows in your car.  Tinting reduces glare, keeps the interior of your car cool and gives you privacy. It is possible to tint your windows yourself with a do it yourself window tinting kit, but because of federal regulations on tinted windows as well as saving time tinting correctly the first time,…

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27th Jan

Top Tips For Window Tinting

Mobile window tinting has become increasingly popular in recent years due to an increased awareness about the dangers of prolonged and direct sunlight as well as an ever greater need for privacy. As a result the window tinting industry is booming. There are several companies out there who all offer a variety of different tinting options. It is no surprise…

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