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11th Oct
Security Window Film

Not All Security Window Film Is Created Equal

If you are taking the effort and time to install special security window film on your property, the cheapest and best option is to have it done professionally the first time. Security film makes glass windows stronger and harder to penetrate, and prevents them from shattering when facing strong impact. Unfortunately, not all window films are created equal. To be…

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20th Sep
Marine Tint

Does Saltwater Affect Your Marine Tint?

You have decided to tint your boat windows, but now you have questions like, “Which mobile marine tint service should I use?” Or, “What is the best tint and does salt water affect your marine window tint?” Marine tinting is a film that is applied to the windows of your boat. It can help you to manage your boat in…

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13th Sep
School Window Film

How School Window Film Can Keep Students Safe

Educating students is the top priority of every school. With the events of recent years, keeping students safe is becoming just as much of a focus as educating them. While locking doors and upping the security at the entry points is a start, it’s become clear that protecting the windows of the school building is equally important. Windows – A…

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30th Aug
Window Tint Terminology You Need To Know

Window Tint Terminology You Need To Know

Finding the ideal window film solution to your tinting needs takes careful planning. The tinting industry offers a range of products that extend well beyond automotive care. The larger the project, (from homes to commercial buildings) the more crucial it is to familiarize yourself with important terminology. Know what tinting experts are saying by learning these essential window tint terms….

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23rd Aug
How Clear Is Smart Window Film

How Clear Is Smart Window Film?

Smart window film is one of the coolest products to hit the market in years, revolutionizing how we use our businesses and home spaces in technological capacities. It’s a handy feature when you need some privacy, and can convert a room or home depending on the time of day and what you require at any given time, with the ease…

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16th Aug
Window Tint

Make Sure Window Tint Is Part Of Your Interior Design Plan

We know that window film isn’t the first thing you think about when planning interior design. But did you know that there are perks to having window tint? Most people would be shocked to discover that window film is commonly used in commercial and residential buildings. Tint allows for increased privacy and comfort indoors. Not only that but it also…

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26th Jul
Standard vs Low E Window Films

Standard vs Low E Window Films

If you’re looking to make a smart and informed decision when buying window film, you need to know the differences between standard vs low emissivity (low-e) film. Window panels are a major component of buildings, they are accountable for up to 60% of a building’s overall energy loss, according to a study by University of West London (2017). The emissivity…

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19th Jul
Smart Window Film

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Window Film

Also known as smart glass, switchable windows, and dynamic window film, smart window film is an innovative film that can change from clear to opaque with a click of a button. Like a ‘digital shade,’ the window film works to reduce light or allow light to pass through. Because it works using digital technology, the control is in your hands,…

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28th Jun
Why Is My Window Film Deteriorating?

Why Is My Window Film Deteriorating?

There are some things you need to know before getting your windows tinted, and a couple questions you should ask the company doing the install. One of the first questions that comes to mind is, “How long is this going to last?” Deterioration is bound to happen, but why? And how can you hold it off for as long as…

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21st Jun
Anti-Graffiti Window Film

The Amazing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

It is no secret that graffiti artists can be creative in their methods of street art and don’t always use spray paint when creating their window masterpieces. Nowadays, graffiti also comes in the form of scratch marks or carvings, which can do a lot of irreversible damage to your windows. Unsightly graffiti is likely to chase away people; for example,…

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