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21st Feb
uv window tint

UV Window Tint: The Benefits & The Facts

It’s no secret that window film provides many benefits, ranging from privacy to unique and durable designs. A special type of film, known as Ultraviolet (UV) Tint, is rapidly becoming the preferred choice among drivers and homeowners. Doctor Window Tint® is here to give you the facts on why UV Tint is so popular and the benefits you’ll experience after…

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22nd Jan
Security Window Film

The Uses & Benefits Of Quality Security Window Film

Windows are wonderful for keeping the weather out, letting light in, and allowing one a view of the outside. But windows are also the most vulnerable part of a building. They are easy to break and leave a large hole behind that makes it easy for unwanted elements to get inside, like criminals or bad weather. Here’s how using high-quality…

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22nd Nov

Window Tint And LEED Certification

LEED certification for your business, office, or home comes with many benefits. There are several ways to get LEED credits, and window tint or film installation by accredited professionals one way is to do it. Several businesses and organizations have taken huge steps towards LEED certification. Buildings such as the Broward Country Convention Center, FAU’s School of Nursing, and the…

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8th Nov
Etched Glass vs. Decorative Window Film

Etched Glass vs. Decorative Window Film

Glass is one of the most prominent features on a building, and for good reason. It lets natural light in, provides inhabitants with a view of the outside, and makes interior spaces more welcoming. Glass is now dominant in the structural composition of most buildings. From etched glass to decorative window film, designers are experimenting with ways that set their…

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25th Oct
Home Window Tinting

The Hottest Home Window Tinting Trends Of 2019

The top trends with home window tinting, as well as many things these days, can be summed up in three words: Minimalist Eco-friendly Sustainable How Is Window Film “Minimalistic?” It may be hard to see how the first trend relates at all to window film. Well, any more minimalist than it already is. It is a near invisible film. But…

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11th Oct
Security Window Film

Not All Security Window Film Is Created Equal

If you are taking the effort and time to install special security window film on your property, the cheapest and best option is to have it done professionally the first time. Security film makes glass windows stronger and harder to penetrate, and prevents them from shattering when facing strong impact. Unfortunately, not all window films are created equal. To be…

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20th Sep
Marine Tint

Does Saltwater Affect Your Marine Tint?

You have decided to tint your boat windows, but now you have questions like, “Which mobile marine tint service should I use?” Or, “What is the best tint and does salt water affect your marine window tint?” Marine tinting is a film that is applied to the windows of your boat. It can help you to manage your boat in…

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13th Sep
School Window Film

How School Window Film Can Keep Students Safe

Educating students is the top priority of every school. With the events of recent years, keeping students safe is becoming just as much of a focus as educating them. While locking doors and upping the security at the entry points is a start, it’s become clear that protecting the windows of the school building is equally important. Windows – A…

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30th Aug
Window Tint Terminology You Need To Know

Window Tint Terminology You Need To Know

Finding the ideal window film solution to your tinting needs takes careful planning. The tinting industry offers a range of products that extend well beyond automotive care. The larger the project, (from homes to commercial buildings) the more crucial it is to familiarize yourself with important terminology. Know what tinting experts are saying by learning these essential window tint terms….

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23rd Aug
How Clear Is Smart Window Film

How Clear Is Smart Window Film?

Smart window film is one of the coolest products to hit the market in years, revolutionizing how we use our businesses and home spaces in technological capacities. It’s a handy feature when you need some privacy, and can convert a room or home depending on the time of day and what you require at any given time, with the ease…

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