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The Uses & Benefits Of Quality Security Window Film Safety, Window Film

Security Window Film

Windows are wonderful for keeping the weather out, letting light in, and allowing one a view of the outside. But windows are also the most vulnerable part of a building. They are easy to break and leave a large hole behind that makes it easy for unwanted elements to get inside, like criminals or bad weather. Here’s how using high-quality security window film can help lessen their vulnerability.

Shattered But Held

Windows shatter for many reasons – break-ins, explosions, extreme weather, even a simple stone is thrown up by an edge trimmer can be enough to shatter a pane. The biggest cause of injury from a broken window is the sharp bits of flying glass. A security film applied by Doctor Window Tint takes away this danger by holding all the broken pieces.

While security window film can’t stop the window from breaking, it can stop the broken shards of glass from hurting people or damaging property.

Keep Your Cool

Where the sun goes, heat follows. Sunlight through a window will raise indoor temperatures considerably. High temperatures are proven to make it harder for the people inside to focus and keep working productively. The heating effect of direct sunlight also makes the AC work harder, leading to increased power bills.

Security film filters out the harsh sun rays which keep the inside of the building at a cooler temperature. This not only helps the productivity levels of the people inside, but it also reduces the amount of electricity used for cooling.

Protect Your Privacy

Curtains and blinds are good for privacy, but to live in the dark with closed curtains just to stop outsiders looking in isn’t ideal. Sometimes you want to let the light in but keep prying eyes out. This is especially true for ground-level rooms or those on the bottom floor facing a public street.

Security window film from Doctor Window Tint allows you to retain your privacy, while still enjoying the view and letting natural light in.

A Clear ‘No Shopping Here’ Sign For Criminals

A window treated with security film is hard to break and makes it much harder for a criminal to get into a building. It is easy to spot a window treated with security film and this is often enough to make a burglar move on to find an easier target. Having a security window film on your windows is like hanging a sign up that says ‘don’t bother, try somewhere else.’

UV Rays Stopped In Their Tracks

UV rays from the sun are damaging to people and objects. UV rays are responsible for sunburnt skin and they cause the color to fade from furnishings, paper, and plastic. If you’ve ever had a shelf of books that sits in sunlight regularly, you’ll know how quickly the colors are leeched out. Art galleries are particularly careful to hang paintings out of direct sunshine for this reason.

Doctor Window Tint’s Solar Control brand of window film blocks UV rays which makes it safer for everyone and everything on the other side.


Doctor Window Tint’s security film adds an extra layer of protection to glass that’s prevents vandals from making their mark or graffiti artists using the windows as canvasses.

Versatile And Adaptable

Security window film has many applications and the benefits are the same regardless of where it is applied. Security window film can be used on windows at home, office buildings, shops, schools, factories, all forms of marine crafts and vehicles.

Why Choose Doctor Window Tint?

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