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Window Tint And LEED Certification Commercial Window Tinting


LEED certification for your business, office, or home comes with many benefits. There are several ways to get LEED credits, and window tint or film installation by accredited professionals one way is to do it.

Several businesses and organizations have taken huge steps towards LEED certification. Buildings such as the Broward Country Convention Center, FAU’s School of Nursing, and the Young at Art Museum in Broward County have all applied and received LEED certification. Read on to find out why.

What is LEED?

Building construction and use are responsible for 36% of global energy consumption and 40% of the global CO2 emissions. Because of their substantial resource consumption and greenhouse-gas contribution, several organizations have stepped up to establish guidelines for efficient and eco-friendly building construction and use. LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, has become one of the most recognizable and respected of these organizations.

What is LEED Certification?

To have a LEED-certified building is to have a building designed or modified for optimal energy use or conservation. There are five rating system reference guides to apply depending on the project or credentials you want:

  • Building Design + Construction (BD+C)
  • Interior Design + Construction (ID+C)
  • Operations + Maintenance (O+M)
  • Homes
  • Neighborhood Design (ND)

If you’re looking to modify an existing building to gain credentials, then you’ll be looking at the ID+C or O+M rating systems. Many of the modifications required for credits involve substantial overhauls in the building’s systems and structures. Window film installation is one of the lesser expensive, more points-rich things you can do for your building.

Points System

There are four tiers to LEED certification: Certified (40-49 points), Silver (50-59), Gold (60-70), and Platinum (80 and above).

Benefits of LEED Certification

Proving that your building is energy efficient and ecologically mindful is not only good for public perception and people’s willingness to do business with or reside in them, but the costs of owning a LEED-certified building are lesser than traditional buildings. Thanks to energy efficiency and state-level tax breaks, the incentives could be substantial.

Window Film Installation Points Available

Based on the quality and thoroughness of your business’s window film installation, your business stands to gain 9 points towards your LEED-certified goals. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Optimizing Energy Performance (Up to 4 points)

    Window film installation provides four aspects of improved energy performance.

  • Insulation Performance (1)

    Insulating your business’s windows improve their retention of the desired indoor temperature. With a layer of engineered film covering the windows, the extra barrier will help keep outdoor influences out and indoor preferences in.

  • Reduction of Solar Heat (1 Point)

    Solar heat accounts for a substantial portion of temperature increases inside buildings. Window films reflect energy away from the building in areas where solar heat gain is most likely.

  • AC Energy Consumption Reduction (1 Point)

    With less solar energy infiltrating your business, less energy will have to be spent on air conditioning.

  • Decreased Dependence on Artificial Light (1 Point)

    While solar films like Doctor Window Tint ®’s solar control logo brand window film decrease heat gain, it allows in as much visible light as possible.

  • Light Pollution Reduction (1 Point)

    Window film will reduce the amount of artificial light spilling outside of the building’s interior. This is important to mitigate as light pollution is a cancer risk, disturbs animals, wastes energy, is a security risk, and obscures the visibility of the environment and night sky.

  • UV Rejection (1 Point)

    solar control logo brand window tint film reflects ultraviolet light, keeping the dangerous radiation from residents of the building.

  • Providing Daylight and Outdoor Visibility (2 Points)

    Without the need for blinds to keep the heat out, solar control logo brand window film allows building occupants to keep the window open and the outdoors visible. The new ceramic films are hardly noticeable in some cases, yet they keep out loads of heat.

  • Improved Thermal Regulation (1 Point)

    By blocking the heating elements of sunlight from the building, the indoor temperature is easier to set and maintain at desirable levels.

Start Your LEED Journey With The Help Of Professionals

Doctor Window Tint® is here with the experience and know-how to provide you with all your window film needs. Though our solar control logo brand and installation are top-notch, that’s not all we offer. If you’re looking security window film, ceramic window tint, or decorative window film, the Doctor has you covered.

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