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boat window tinting

There is no doubt that one of the simplest, most effective ways to improve the longevity of your boat is with boat window tinting. Not only will it also help to increase the safety of you and your passengers, but there are many other benefits to treating your windows with a protective film layer.

What is window tinting?

Window tinting is the process of laying a thin, clear layer of film over the glass of a window. This layer changes the amount of light and heat that is allowed to pass through the window, which is determined by the type of film you choose.

What are The Benefits of Boat Window Tinting?

  • Safety First

    Tinting your boat windows will give you an extra element of safety for both the passengers and the boat itself. The tint reduces potentially dangerous glare from both the sun and the water, as well as from reflective surfaces and even at night from other vessels’ lights. Not only does this help to reduce your eyes from straining or becoming fatigued, but it also decreases the risk of a crash or accident due to a blinding glare.  In addition, boat window tinting will prevent the glass from shattering in the case of a piece of debris crashing into the window, or from an accident. This protects you and your passengers from being shattered with harmful shards of glass. The tint will also make it more difficult for pieces of flying debris to enter through the window, and it can even help protect you in the case of an explosion where glass would normally shoot out at high speeds.

  • Protective Sun Barrier

    The film layer will reduce harmful UV rays by 99%! It is a known fact that too much exposure to UV rays can result in sunburn and cancer.  With tinted windows, you will be at far less risk of burning your skin and from getting skin cancer. Your eyes will be thankful too.

  • Protect Your Boat Interiors

    UV rays can also cause damage to things inside your boat such as fabrics, carpets, and furniture by causing cracks or fading. Window tint will reduce these unwanted, destructive impacts from the sun and will extend the life of your boat’s contents.

  • Temperature Control

    The tint reduces the amount of heat that enters through the window into your boat, leaving you with a much more comfortable environment that does not overheat while driving or parked in the sun.

  • Save Money

    Because less heat will enter your boat, your air conditioner will not have to be used as much, allowing you to save fuel as well as prolong the life of the air conditioning system.

If you are a boat-owner it is crucial that the vessel is taken proper care of! Window tinting is one easy method of doing just that, and the benefits of safety and protection are invaluable. Investing in a high-quality window tint is advisable, as it will save you money in the long run because it will prove to be more durable. Take action – protect yourself, protect your passengers and protect your vessel by installing a tint on your boat’s windows.

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