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Choosing The Right Anti-Glare Window Film Residential Window Tinting

anti glare window film

When it comes to choosing the type of tint you would like on your windows, there are a lot of options available and a lot of factors to consider. You will want to evaluate your goals, compare performance characteristics and determine the appearance of the different tints. One of the primary things to consider is how the film you intend on choosing deals with the sun’s glare. Glare can be an issue all year round and can cause a number of problems. At home or at work the sun’s glare can make it difficult to read or focus on a TV or computer screen. It can even cause discomfort when you are trying to talk to other people. When you are driving the sun’s glare can amount to a safety hazard by forcing you to avert your eyes from the road. For these reasons you may want to instal an anti glare window film. This will provide you with the benefits listed below.

A reduction in glare
It is self-evident that the primary purpose of using anti glare window film is to diminish any discomfort or disability that may be caused by the sun’s glare. Anti glare window film is therefore able to reduce glare by up to 95%.

Cost effective
Another way to get rid of glare in your home or workplace could be by making use of drapes, shades or blinds. However these options will cost you a lot more and will require regular cleaning. Anti glare window film is not only affordable in itself, but it may lead to a lowering of your utility costs by reducing the amount of heat, (up to 83% heat reduction) that is transferred through your windows.

More light
A huge advantage of tinting your windows as opposed to using drapes and blinds is that window tinting will still allow natural sunlight to pass through into the building. In addition you will be able to look through your windows and see the outside world, which is the purpose of the windows.

Blocks UV rays
This benefit pertains to both your residential windows as well as your car windows. UV rays have been proven to cause significant damage not only to your eyes and skin, but also to your home and vehicle by causing woods, fabrics, upholstery and other surfaces to fade and become degraded. Anti glare window film blocks these harmful rays by up to 99%, protecting you, your family and your possessions from the dangerous effects of the sun.

Anti glare window film comes in various colors and opacity levels, all offering a different appearance and level of performance. This means you are free to choose the one that best suits your premises. With regards to vehicles, your options are slightly more limited as there are certain state laws which regulate the VLT levels i.e. the darkness of the film. However in both cases window tinting certainly does a lot to enhance the appearance of the building or vehicle.

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