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Pros and Cons of Security Glass Film Commercial Window Tinting

security glass film

Security glass film is a polyester plastic coating that fits into your window internally or externally. The film fortifies the window and depending on the film that you choose, you may have more solar, privacy and security benefits.

Here are some of the Pros of installing security glass film:

  • Cuts Utility Costs:

    Security glass film can cut costs anywhere from 30-40% and is often cheaper than replacing the entire window. Also, because the film reflects light, the interior of your home will be cooler. Because you house will be cooler, you may be able to cut air conditioning costs. The film also does not let the heat out of your house as easily as a regular window, which will save you money in the winter.

  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays:

    UV rays are responsible for all kinds of damage in the home, including: fading furniture, curtains and artwork. The rays may also cause many types of fabric to crack. Not only are the UV rays bad for your fabric, but they can decrease the life of your electronics. If you install security glass film, you will no longer have to worry about how to position your furniture, decorations and electronics so that they will not be harmed by the sun.

  • Adds Security to Your House:

    Window films make sure that your glass breaks safely, instead of shattering and covering your floor in shards. Films hold the glass together when it is broken. Not only does this protect you and your family from glass shattering in an accident in your house, but it also protects you against burglary. If a burglar attempts to break a window and sees that it takes more effort to shatter than expected, the burglar may give up. Also, the more time the burglar takes to break the window, the more time you have to react and for the police to arrive.

There numerous examples of how security film on windows can protect your house:

  • Because the windows break, but do not shatter, they do not allow oxygen to come through the windows and feed the fire, making it easier to control.
  • During an attempted robbery at a Publix supermarket, the robbers shot the gun to break the glass, but when it did not shatter, they ran instead of continuing the break in.
  • In the 1980s, a car bomb went off in a building, but because the window was fortified with glass film, the glass stayed in place and no one was injured.
  • Rebates:

    Some states offer utility programs that give you money back on taxes and utility for installing a window film in your house. This is a great way to save money and in some places, the window films may pay for themselves.

Here are some of the Cons of installing security glass film:

  • Nighttime Privacy:

    When you install a tinted window film, many people often forget that the film is not effective for privacy at night, when the interior of your house is brighter than the exterior.

  • Window Warranty:

    Some window companies warn against window films because they will void your warranty on your windows; however, many window film companies will match the warranty with their own.

  • Window Accessories:

    Certain latches and frames are more difficult to alter than others for installation. The installation can still be done, but if it’s done wrong, the film can make it look like there are bubbles under the glass.

Getting window film installed may seem optional, but when the unexpected happens like a fire, robbery, or bomb, the film keep the glass in place and prevent people from being injured. For example, in August 1996, U.S. forces were left vulnerable when their windows were not fortified with glass film in Dhahran. When a bomb exploded at a compound on June 25th, 19 were killed and 148 were seriously injured, partially because of the shards of broken glass flying through the air.

Security film may seem like it can wait, but if an unexpected event occurs, it is best to be prepared.  Contact Doctor Window Tint today, your experts on all window tinting and security film, for your free estimate!

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