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Adding Privacy With Office Window Tint Commercial Window Tinting

Office Window Tint

Office window tinting has many benefits for your business and your employees – these benefits include heat reduction, glare reduction, as well as adding an elegant decorative touch to your offices. Office privacy should not necessarily be referred to as a benefit but rather a necessity. The beauty of commercial window tinting is that it can be done both for internal and external office windows.

Indoor Window Tinting

Office spaces have evolved over time and an open-plan office set up has proven to have a great effect on productivity and the overall office feel. Supporting this move towards an open-plan office a business owner may feel that they have to give up a little privacy but with office window tinting this can easily be avoided.

  • Glass Panels

    These can be used to separate desks and are a simple method of dividing up desk space. These panels can be tinted with window film and just like that, employees begin to feel like they have their own space. This contributes to the overall feel of the office while giving employees an element of privacy in their daily duties. There is no barrier for communication and the aesthetic of the office is enhanced, should you decide to go with a decorative film.

  • Glass Offices

    Look great within an open plan floor space – they are classy and provide senior employees with their own space, without disconnecting them from the rest of the team. However, this comes at the cost of privacy for employees that are perhaps handling sensitive information or processes, like the Human Resources or Accounting departments. While you don’t want these departments shut off from the rest of the employees completely, you still need to protect the sensitive nature of these jobs. Window tinting is a perfect solution for these types of offices – by adding a decorative window film, you don’t isolate them completely but are still able to create a level of privacy.

Outdoor Window Tinting

Privacy from the outside-in seems obvious, however, it isn’t always to companies who feel that they are not at risk of being a target. The truth is, any company is at risk for security breaches or break-ins. Just as you would protect the contents of your home, so you should protect the contents of your office. Window tinting is a great solution to adding privacy and security from the outside work to your office and business.

  • Privacy

    Window film such as one-way mirror film makes it hard for outsiders to look in while your employees are able to freely look out – without feeling claustrophobic and boxed in. Natural light is very important for productivity and by putting up physical barriers for safety, you impact their working environment. This type of window film works on the basis of the surrounding light conditions. Passers-by are not able to simply look in. During the day, people from the inside can clearly see out, while people on the outside will struggle to see in.

  • Security

    Window tinting ensures that documents, equipment, business transactions, ideas and records remain safe and private in the office. Selected window films are shatterproof, which provides an added element of security. If you have customers or clients coming in and out, they too will feel safe and comfortable within your office or building.

  • Style

    Window tinting adds to the overall style of your office from the outside and is pleasing to the eye. Window tinting will give your company and building space a modern touch without giving away what’s on the inside.

    Window tinting allows you to include the use of logos and artwork on the outside of your building, which adds to first impressions of new clients and customers. If your building is slightly older, you can give it a total facelift with the simple installation of window tint.

Privacy within an office differs from company to company, however, should not be overlooked. Larger, more intricately run companies may require higher levels of privacy while smaller, family run company requires less. Either way, providing this aspect of privacy and security will ultimately contribute positively towards the working environment and peace of mind for business owners.

Office window tinting is a cost-effective, easy to maintain solution and ultimately looks great.

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