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Affordable vs. Quality Window Tinting Residential Window Tinting, Window Film


Before deciding whether to choose affordability over quality window tinting, consider how much it impacts various aspects of your home. A product might seem like a wise choice upfront because of how much you would be saving, but over the long haul this choice might cause expenses to arise, or have less of an effect on current expenses. Depending on the type and purpose of the window tinting you want to install, it could actually save you money to go for quality instead.

Pennywise, The Dancing Meter

Insulation affects your electricity bill and, perhaps more poignantly, the temperature in your home. Not something to be shrugged off in weather like Florida’s. If your home cannot maintain a cool temperature, or your cooling system has to work especially hard to keep it cool, this monthly expense ends up being much higher than necessary.

Windows play a vital role in this as they are “gaps” in your general insulation. The quality of the product used for window tinting can potentially have a significantly positive effect here, lowering this monthly cost. It won’t take long for any additional cost upfront to pay itself off in immediate, ongoing, and tangible savings.

If you think about it, extra costs upfront when choosing window tinting will be outweighed very quickly by the costs saved over the course of time in energy bills. In fact, cheaper materials will not have this benefit and will essentially cost you more over time – either because replacements will have to be made or simply from electricity bill not being lowered.

Window Tint Is Cool When It’s Tidy

Look into the wear and tear on the materials before choosing affordability over quality. Even though it might be more cost effective to install, it is not desirable to have your window tint start reacting to the forces of nature prematurely. This could mean tatty looking windows, and needing to replace the tint earlier than usual. If this is going to be the case, ask yourself if this is, in fact, more cost effective.

Window To The Paperwork

Your insurance will probably benefit from a better quality product as well. If you were an insurer, you would see the benefits of a better product and the range of benefits it has. Not to mention any standing warranty on your windows – there is always a chance that adding a tint (or any product) to an existing window will void your warranty. A poor-quality product has a much higher chance of being viewed as a disadvantageous addition.

Pimp Your Tint

The way we see it is that a quality product speaks not only to the value of the materials but also to the knowledge and skill of the service provider, and their ability to advise you on the right fit for your needs. Are they interested in guiding you and listening to what the window tinting needs to achieve? The professional should not only be able to guide you on what material and style will suit you needs, but their knowledge and assistance should extend to issues around warranties and insurance as well.

A better-quality product for your tinting needs will undoubtedly have benefits that save you money in the long run. Don’t calculate the cost as an instant and once off cost, always look at your expenses over time before being led to think that something is cheaper.

Whatever your motivation behind window tinting is, cheaper materials present risks. If the aim is to strengthen the window for security or weather purposes, then a cheaper material is not a worthwhile risk. The only opportunity to know whether it was an affordable but effective choice is the same moment in which you will regret it if it was not.

If the aim is for aesthetic appeal, the last thing you want is a product that wears thin and starts to look like it needs replacing sooner than it should. If the purpose is to block out light or reduce heat, or anything in order to be greener and spend less on the electric bill each month, then your price difference initially will quickly be made up with savings over the coming months with a quality tinting product.

At Dr Window Tint we use high quality products and a first-class installation process (we make sure we remove at least 90% of the mounting solution at time of installation). No matter how good the product, if it is not installed using the correct process you will definitely face problems with the tint sooner rather than later. Having your windows tinted is a smart investment so it is worth placing the job in the hands of all-round window tinting experts.

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