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Health Benefits Of Window Film Window Film

Benefits Of Window Film

What are the health benefits of window film, apart from skin protection? How does it protect the skin anyway? Window film has multiple benefits when it comes to health protection, with its main feature being the ability to shield us from the sun.

How Does The Sun Cause Damage?

Window film blocks out almost 100% of the sun’s harmful rays, with the two main rays being ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays. In the past, the main cause for concern was only UVB ray, due to it being responsible for sunburn and red skin. UVB damages the skin’s surface layers, making the damage more visible to the human eye.

Not much attention was paid to the effects of the UVA- however new scientific research suggests that ultraviolet A rays are also harmful, as these rays affect the basal layer of the skin where most skin cancers occur.  Both UVA and UVB penetrate the atmosphere and play a significant role in conditions such as photoaging, eye damage and skin cancers.

How Does Window Film Protect Your Health?

With modern technology, window film products screen out both harmful rays, giving you all-round protection whether it is your boat, car, home or office. Some of the health benefits you can gain from window film are:

  • Prevention from skin cancer. It’s not a question of “if” but a question of “when”, as UV rays have been scientifically proven to cause human skin cancers.   
  • Prevent eye strain from glare. Trying to drive with obscured vision is not only dangerous for drivers on the road, but also bad for your eyes. Excessive strain causes headaches, sore eyes and more wrinkles over time. Luckily, window film allows for just the right amount of visible light to pass through, so that you can see clearly, without the strain caused by glare!
  • Prevents glass breakage. Window film nanotechnology has improved significantly over the years, with new developments in security window film. Shatterproof window film can increase the amount of stress that glass can take before it cracks. It can also hold any shards of glass in place if the glass does break. Doctor Window Tint has multiple shatterproof success stories where window film has saved the lives of many due to its strength in shatterproof.
  • Reduces heat. Too much heat can cause problems such as heat stroke, which can be extremely dangerous if not addressed during the initial stages. Exposure to heat even for small periods of time can impair concentration, cause dehydration, headaches and fatigue – all of which will have a significant impact on your driving or working ability.
  • Reduced stress levels. A lesser known health benefit, but one that should not be ignored! You won’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen, your child overheating, or wondering where your spare set of sunglasses went. Less of a worry means an increase in mental focus, which is especially beneficial for driving long distances or working for long periods.
  • Protects photosensitive skin. We all have different skin types, with some being more sensitive than others. Window film can prevent more than skin cancer for sensitive skin types, due to the level of quality sun protection that window film has. There are numerous potential skin diseases that people with photosensitive skin are prone to, for example Pseudoporphyria or Chronic Actinic Dermatitis (CAD), both of which can be aggravated by the sun.

Benefits to your health are one of the many benefits you and your family can enjoy with installing window tint.  Doctor Window Tint, we have your health covered – and your glass too!

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