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When you’re looking for a performance window tint installation, you should look no further than Doctor Window Tint. Our unique, seven-step process of installation ensures that you receive only the highest quality tinting installation on the market. This unique methodology Is second to none and will surpass any competitor with ease. At Doctor Window Tint, we do our best to outperform any competitor; our innovative products and unique installation techniques as well as outstanding customer service and warranties, aid us in providing you with the most high-quality tinting that our regular clients have come to know and love.

Here’s How Our Seven-Step Process Works

  1. Clean
  2. Install
  3. Pause
  4. Squeegee
  5. Pause
  6. Squeegee
  7. Inspect

While the process may take a little longer than traditional methods, it ensures that the life span of our film will be longer than that of other films that are installed according to current industry standards. Steps 3 and Step 5 are vital to ensure that the tinting has been applied correctly and all liquids have been removed from between the film and the glass. We provide superior quality installation to ensure that your window tint will not only be able to endure extreme weather conditions, but also stand up to natural wear and tear as well as external pressure from attempted burglaries.

This unique seven step process ensures that 90% of the mounting solution is removed from between the film and glass. By going over the same area more than 3 times, we make sure that there are no unsightly lumps and bubbles and no dirt trapped under the film. This Is done to make sure that your tint job will last a lot longer than average. On average, a window tint can last approximately 5 to 15 years, but by making use of high quality tinting film and our unique process, your tint job could last more than 25 years. Once the job is completed, you will need to leave your windows closed for a week or more to make sure that the tint has cured completely. When cleaning your windows after this period of time, avoid using any ammonia based cleaning products as it will damage the film. At Doctor Window Tint, we suggest that you make use of a vinegar based solution to clean your windows. Windex sells a vinegar based glass cleaner.

Remember, tinting can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and even colors, all to suit your specific needs and your specific budget. If you want added protection, then our security line is perfect for you, but if you want to protect your home, office or modes of transport from the sun then our scratch resistant high performance line is perfect for you. It ensures that you’re protected from harmful UV rays and ensures that the interior of your home or office is not discolored by the sun. If you’re on the fence with regards to hiring a window tinting company to tint your windows, contact us today to schedule a consultation or to find out more about the various tinting solutions we have to offer.

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