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Can Auto Window Tinting Void Your Warranty? Automobile Window Tinting

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While there’s nothing better than driving along on a hot summer’s day, you are exposing yourself to harmful UV rays from the sun. Auto window tint is the best solution to protect you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays, but you may worry as to whether or not tinting your vehicle windows will render your vehicles warranty null and void.

A warranty between you and the manufacturer is a contract stating that the dealer will see to any applicable repairs provided that you look after and maintain the vehicle. If you don’t maintain the vehicle, your warranty can be voided. Despite what your dealer would like for you to believe modifications and aftermarket parts are a gray area, it does not void your warranty unless the installation of these specific modifications or parts caused damage to your vehicle.

In the US, warranty provisions fall under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This act forbids manufacturers from denying or disputing warranty claims from aftermarket parts or modifications unless the manufacturer can prove that the modifications made damaged the part you are making a claim on. In the case of window tinting, some manufacturers will render your warranty void if the windows are removed from the vehicle to apply the tint, as this could damage the internal mechanisms of the doors.

You need to also bear in mind that each state has its own laws regarding window tinting. In some states it is illegal whereas in others there are guidelines in place which you need to follow. In Florida, your window tint is measured by the Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%) which refers to the percentage of light that is able to pass through the tint and into the vehicle. Each vehicle type, Sedan, SUV and Vans, have their own guidelines which must be followed in order to comply with local state regulations.

Tinting film can be reflective as it reduces the glare of incoming light as well as reducing any heat. Due to the reflective nature of some tints, it also has to follow certain guidelines in order to ensure public safety on the roads. If the reflection of light is too much, it may affect other drivers on the road. For sedans, SUV’s and Vans it has to be less than 25% reflective for the front windows and less than 35% reflective for rear windows.

By enlisting the services of a reputable tinting service company, you will ensure that your vehicle warranty remains intact.

At Dr Window Tint, we offer a range of window tinting solutions suited to your needs. We will ensure that you make an informed decision about your window tinting project and ensure that it is compliant with state law and your manufacturer. We are able to do on-site window tinting for your vehicle utilizing one of our three available lines of window film: Economy, High Performance or our Ceramic line.

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