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Yacht Tinting Laws in Florida Marine Window Tinting

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A simple but highly effective way to prolong the life of your yacht is window tinting. The yacht tinting process has a number of highly beneficial advantages for your safety and security, however it’s important to make sure that the process is in compliance with Florida’s tinting laws for yachts.

How Does the Window Tinting Process Work?

It involves the lamination of a thin, clear layer of film over the glass of a window. The type of film acts as a protective shield against the sun, thereby influencing how much light and heat comes through. You can choose the shade of film for your windows, determining how much light you want in each room.

Florida Yacht Tinting Laws

To save yourself time and money, prior to tinting your yacht’s windows, it’s important to understand Florida’s boat laws. Non-compliance can result in legal troubles and expensive changes later on, two problems that are easily preventable by hiring a professional. A professional will know what is allowable by law, and will recommend what shades work best.

The most important window tinting restriction when it comes to Florida’s boat laws is the visibility for the captain. In order to prevent any accidents, the windows where the captain sits need to comply with the law. The windshield and surrounding windows need to be large enough for the captain to see through clearly and navigate easily, and tinted no more than 30%, meaning that 70% of visible light can still get through. This helps prevent any glare-related accidents, while providing the captain with enough visibility to clearly see his surroundings.
For the rest of the yacht there are fewer restrictions, and you can decide on the level of tinting you want.

What Are the Benefits of Window Tinting?

Tinting windows provide a number of significant advantages that prolong your yacht’s longevity and maximize your safety.

  1. Prevent Glare-Related Accidents

    Tinted windows can reduce the glare from the water and the sun and other reflective surfaces during the daytime and night, which reduces eyestrain and subsequent fatigue. This is vital when it comes to preventing accidents, or responding quickly should they occur. Additionally, if an accident does occur, tinted windows are more resilient and will not shatter, protecting you and your passengers from dangerous shards of glass.

  2. Temperature Regulator

    Tinted windows control the amount of sun that gets in and cools the temperature to avoid overheating, especially when docked in the sun. You won’t need to use your air conditioner as frequently, thereby saving you money and prolonging the air conditioning system.

  3. Protective Sun Barrier for You and Your Yacht’s Interior

    Tinted windows also serve as a protective sun barrier for you. This reduces the chances of sunburn or other severe consequences of too much sun on your skin and eyes. Tinted windows not only protect you from harmful UV rays, but your yacht’s interior too. The longevity and general upkeep of your yacht is sufficiently prolonged the less sun exposure it receives.

In addition to being a sun barrier, window tinting can also serve as a barrier to the outside world, providing you and your guests with more privacy. This is important when you’re docked or sleeping at night.

Investing in high quality window tinting that complies with the Florida laws is advisable, for your safety, protection and your yacht’s longevity. Your yacht’s window tint needs to be able to withstand the arduous environment of the ocean, and therefore should be done by a professional. For more information, contact Doctor Window Tint.

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