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onsite window tinting

Are you looking for ways to feel safer in your vehicle? Look no further. Window tinting has proven to be a great investment and can provide you with safer driving. Doctor Window Tint offers onsite window tinting for different types of vehicles. Now you might be wondering how window tinting is your solution to feeling safer?

  1. It prevents distraction from the sunlight glare
  2. It protects you and your vehicle’s interior from the ultra violet (UV) rays
  3. It provides privacy from surrounding bystanders
  4. An anti-smash and grab film prevents the window from shattering and minimizes damage to you and your vehicle in the event of attempted forced entry

Doctor Window Tint offers a full array of onsite window tinting solutions that will leave you feeling safer, will keep in the desired sunlight and keep out the sun’s harmful effects to you and your vehicle. There are three lines of window films available: The Economy Line, The High-Performance Line, and The Ceramic Line.

The Economy Line

The Economy Line is constructed of dyed polyester layers. It is the most common and more affordable window tint. It adds protection and privacy to your vehicle while keeping your financial investment minimal.

There are numerous benefits that the Economy Line can offer you:

  1. It is cost-effective
  2. It is scratch resistant
  3. Reduced glare from the sun
  4. Protection and privacy
  5. Tint ranges from 5% to 50%

The High-Performance Line

The High-Performance Line is constructed of polyester and metalized layers and it is perfect to shield your vehicle from the sun and surrounding bystanders. It provides increased protection for your vehicle while protecting it against harmful UV rays.

There are numerous benefits that the High-Performance Line can offer you:

  1. Reduced glare from the sun
  2. Rejection of heat and UV rays which prevents fading of indoor furnishings
  3. Increased privacy and protection from onlookers
  4. Scratch resistance
  5. Tint ranges from 5% to 70%

The Ceramic Line

The Ceramic Line is constructed of ceramics which maintains its high quality and endurance over time. It provides you with superior heat reduction and superior clarity through the glass.

There are numerous benefits that the Ceramic Line can offer you:

  1. It eliminates up to 90% of the sun’s infrared rays
  2. Only 73% of heat makes it through the windows
  3. It fights against wear and tear of the interior of your home and car by obstructing 99% of the sun’s UV rays

Florida state law has certain regulations regarding vehicle window tinting that needs to be adhered to. There are laws around tint darkness and tint reflection and these laws differ according to your vehicle.

It is evident that window tinting offers you numerous benefits. Besides the privacy and protection that window tinting offers – it also provides comfort and improves the overall look of your vehicle. The interior climate of the vehicle is also impacted and results in a cooler temperature due to the window tinting creating a permanent barrier between your vehicle’s interior and the outside world. This in turn results in you using your air conditioner less – saving you gas and ensuring a more efficient drive.

As you can see, window tinting is an effective solution to creating a safer and more comfortable vehicle for you and your loved ones or employees. Not only does it protect you and offer privacy, but it creates a more comfortable climate in the car and savings in overall costs.

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