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How To Make Your Window Film Last Longer Window Film

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The installation of your new window film is over, and your home, office or mode of transport is now sporting a fashionably new and practical window tint. Apart from contributing to a great stylish look, it also helps keep interior spaces cooler and prevents the deterioration of materials from harmful UV radiation. It can even help you save on your energy bill.

Now you must be wondering: How long will the film last, and what factors affect it? What do I need to watch out for? Window film inevitably breaks down over time. This is dependent on the tint used and how well it was initially installed. Bad quality window film can show signs of wear and fade in a matter of months, whereas high-end, professionally installed tints can last up to three decades in favorable conditions.

Factors Affecting Window Film Lifespan

Installation quality is probably the most important factor to consider with regards to the longevity of your tint. Direct exposure to heat and sunlight will cause the film to deteriorate and the color to fade at a faster pace. This exposure can aggravate the adhesive, causing it to decay prematurely and can also cause bubbles to appear underneath the film. However, if you use high-end film, like Solar Control® and have it installed by professionals from the start it is likely your tint will last for a couple decades, with minimal defects.

The majority of branded films come with warranties that differ in coverage between manufacturers. In most cases, the warranty covers films that experience premature cracking, layering or adhesion failure. Often, the warranties don’t cover any issues that arise as a result of the installation, so its recommended that a trusted professional installs the film. This is where we stand apart. At Doctor Window Tint, we are so confident in the power of our team and product that we offer a lifetime warranty against bubbling or peeling. Despite this, there are a few things that you can watch out for and implement to ensure your window films lifespan is as long as possible:

  • Know how to care for them after they’ve cured. The cardinal rule to keep in mind is that you should never clean your windows with any product containing ammonia. This will start to break down the film. Always use liquid that is specifically for tinted windows and avoid using abrasive cleaning products that could chip away at the film itself. It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth, as this is less likely to inflict any damage in comparison to other cleaning apparatus.
  • Be careful. Most films are scratch-resistant but be aware of how you could damage the film with sharp or blunt objects by your movements in the vehicle or in an office.
  • What is its purpose? UV protective film tends to have a shorter lifespan, as the effectiveness of the tint decreases over time.

If you are ever unsure whether the film needs replacing or not, consult a qualified professional. Should you have any questions about caring for your tint, don’t be scared to ask us! As qualified professionals in our field, we are more than happy to provide expert advice that will make sure your window film is looking at its best and performing well for many years to come.

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