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Top Reasons To Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows Automobile Window Tinting

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You may think that window tinting is reserved for the young at heart or government officials, but window tinting can be beneficial to every car owner – irrespective of age and job title. Tinting a vehicle’s windows goes beyond just aesthetic appeal. Tinted windows could drastically improve your driving experience and can even benefit your health. Here we take a look at the top 5 reasons to tint your vehicle’s windows.

  1. UV Protection

    Skin protection is a priority to most people living in South Florida. Protecting your skin goes beyond applying an extra layer of sunscreen, you should be protecting yourself when you are not exposed to direct sunlight too. In 2017 the average South Florida driver spent an estimated 293 hours in their vehicle last year – without adequate protection, that is a lot of hours of sun damage. Tinted windows provide UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Window tint for UV protection can provide up to 99% of protection for drivers, passengers and car interiors. That’s right, the sun can drastically damage your car’s interior, decreasing its value and costing you more in the long run. Window tint can protect your vehicle’s dashboard and upholstery from fading too, giving you more time to enjoy your investment without having to replace its interior.

  2. Extra Protection From Accidents

    The sun’s glare can be hazard to drivers and has been the cause of many accidents. You may think that wearing shades or using visors will be enough, but window tinting will noticeably decrease glare and make the driving experience a whole lot safer. In the unfortunate event of an accident, window tinting can add extra protection too. A car accident usually ends with shattered glass that can be harmful to drivers and passengers alike. The tinting on vehicle windows adds an extra layer of protection that strengthens the glass. The coating works no matter what the shade or thickens is and relative strength that places you in better position than if your windows were not tinted.

  3. Decreased Fuel Costs

    A hot car needs a hardworking air-conditioner. Air-conditioners use fuel and the longer you use it, the more fuel you use. Tinted windows can help decrease your fuel costs as the tint will help to keep your vehicle cooler resulting in less frequent use of your air-conditioner.

  4. Protecting Your Valuables

    In between all the adventures, family vacations, drop offs and daily commutes to work you end up storing parts of your life in your vehicle. Your car is home to many items of value including GPS devices, CDs, tablets, to name a few. Darker window tinting can protect the valuables stored in your car from prying eyes. The less intruders can see, the less likely they are to attempt breaking into your vehicle protecting you on days where there simply is not time to remove all the valuables from your car.

  5. Customization

    Window tint can help to express your unique style in a subtle way. There are different shades available for vehicle window tinting – ranging from light to dark. It is not only reserved for the young or for those with a need for speed, tinted windows could be the perfect for your style too.

The time spent in your vehicle should be comfortable and safe. Tinting your vehicle’s windows can achieve this without a big price tag. Your vehicle is investment that you want to protect and have stand the test of time. At Doctor Window Tint, we provide a range of vehicle window tinting options and one is sure to fit your budget and needs. Contact us today to make your daily commute safer, cost effective and stylish with window tint.

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