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Make Sure Window Tint Is Part Of Your Interior Design Plan Window Film

Window Tint

We know that window film isn’t the first thing you think about when planning interior design. But did you know that there are perks to having window tint? Most people would be shocked to discover that window film is commonly used in commercial and residential buildings. Tint allows for increased privacy and comfort indoors. Not only that but it also saves on energy and cooling costs. Florida Power and Light, the local South Florida power company, estimates, along with other experts, that if you install window film on your East, West, and South facing windows, the savings due to lower a/c consumption will pay you back for the cost of the window film installation within 2-5 years.

Benefits of Interior Window Tint

Check out these seven benefits of interior window tint.

  1. Temperature Regulation

    You may have heard that large shade trees provide thousands of dollars in energy savings for homeowners. The same is true for window tint. When rays from the sun come into contact with tinted windows, the film prevents infrared (IR) rays from passing through the glass. This essentially “shades” your home from hot solar energy. When done right, tint reduces the amount of cooling required by your air conditioning. Even better, you can control the amount of tint you need throughout the day with smart glass. If you want to save on cooling and energy costs, consider having window film professionally installed.

  2. Preserve Your Furniture

    Furniture is likely the biggest part of your interior design plan. Finding just the right furniture for your home or business can be time-consuming. Long-term sun exposure can wear and damage furniture. You can extend the lifespan of your furniture by limiting the amount of UV exposure throughout your home or office. This will eliminate the need for keeping curtains tightly closed, especially in rooms with antiques and precious furniture. All pieces from your paintings, flooring, carpet, and sculptures will have an extended lifespan. You can preserve your interior all while enjoying the most out of your rooms’ natural light.

  3. Structural Safety

    In the event of any window breaks, tint hold panes together. Window damage often comes unexpectedly (either from accidents or attempted break-ins.) A feasible solution to minimizing risk is adding a layer of tint to your windows. If damage occurs, the tint causes the windows to break in a fashion that is controlled. This reduces the risk of shards entering the home and injuring people inside. The film works to reinforce support, which is extremely useful for withstanding violent storms.

  4. Skin Protection

    Ultraviolet rays are the same rays responsible for skin cancer and other skin ailments. Window film reduces your skin’s exposure to ultraviolet radiation. People readily feel protected in their homes and offices, but daily overexposure to UV radiation can lead to complications later down the road. It’s always best to stay protected and reduce exposure.

  5. Eye Protection

    Similarly, your eyes should have protection from the sun. Increased glare, especially in rooms with large windows, can be uncomfortable and damaging to your eyes. Also, too much glare has been shown to disrupt indoor activities and lower office productivity. Natural light is preferred by many. Consider adding an extra layer of protection throughout your home and business. Window film is the perfect solution for maintaining natural light while reducing glare.

  6. Aesthetics

    Tint has uses that go beyond style. Nonetheless, window film has that added perk of giving homes and commercial buildings a fresh, modern look. The film can also give the appearance of etched glass at a far lower cost. Many commercial places also opt for window tint because it adds “newness” to the building’s design. Tinted windows give buildings a unique appearance, especially when compared with homes and other nearby buildings.

  7. Privacy

    It should come as no surprise why window tint is so popular among car owners. Tinting also provides privacy for home and office spaces. Tinted windows offer the luxury of letting in beautiful natural light while obscuring a building’s interior. This is especially beneficial for rooms requiring added privacy, and for offices near the street.

You can enjoy all the benefits of window film in your home and business. Call Doctor Window Tint today to receive your free estimate!

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