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At Doctor Window Tint, we believe in the proper installation of superior quality window tinting for your business. Window tint can come in many shapes, shades, and even prices, but at the end of the day you want nothing more than peace of mind. This peace of mind is attained by knowing that your business is protected by none other than the superior quality of Solar Control brand window tinting film.

Chances are high that you’ve heard of our superior quality window tinting film. It can be used on the windows of your home, office, vehicle, or even alternate modes of transport such as your boat. It not only protects the interior of your home or office against staining from harmful sun rays, but can also act as a buffer against theft and extreme weather conditions. Unlike an un-tinted window; windows tinted with Solar Control do not shatter if extreme pressure is applied, this ensures that the likelihood of injury due to shards of glass is minimal.

Florida is known for its hurricane season, which occurs between June and November each year. Hurricanes can wreak havoc on your home or office, but with our Solar Control security window tint; you’ll be protected from the worst of the storm. The appropriate security window tint will help lessen the damaging effects of the hurricane to the interior of your home or office space.

As a business owner, you understand that you will never be on site 24/7 and sometimes your employees will need to do the nightly cash-ups and lock up the premises. In one such case, a retail store had our security tint on all of the windows. As the manager was about to unlock the doors after the nightly cash-up, to let the staff go home, two men attempted to enter the premises. Noting that the manager refused to let them gain entry, they pulled out a shotgun and attempted to shoot their way into the store. Normally under such intense pressure, glass will shatter, as the store had made use of our security tinting, the glass did not fall out. Shocked, the gunmen scattered as the noise had already attracted attention from local law enforcement.

If it was not for the manager who had insisted that our window tinting be installed on the store windows, lives could have been lost in an attempt to steal valuable items from the store. Aside from protecting your stock or property, you need to realize how important the lives of your employees and loved ones are. By installing the right security tint to your windows, you give them that extra layer of protection against harm – be it against natural causes such as the weather or even against the possibility of theft.

At Doctor Window Tint, we will only install the finest tinting solution for you. By installing Solar Control, you are offered an added layer of 24-hour long protection, seven days a week without any unsightly obstructions to your daily view.

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